Contractor Licenses

Planning Administrative Assistant - Janelle Dodd 

For a contractor license through the City of Florence, only payment and proof of liability insurance (minimums below) are required. On the Certificate of Liability, the City of Florence must be listed as the Certificate Holder. 
Limited: $50 licensing cost per calendar year. Minimum coverage: $500,000 each occurrence, $1,000,000 aggregate
General: $100 licensing cost per calendar year. Minimum coverage: $1,000,000 each occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate

Licenses are valid through December 31 of the year of issuance.


Copies of insurance may be mailed to City Hall with a check for the aforementioned amount, or you can pay online and complete the online 2020 Contractor License Form.
To pay online, click here

Insurance will NOT be kept on file without license payment, so be sure to provide both on the same day to prevent delay in receiving your license.