Stanley Park

A brief history

Here is an excerpt from the EP Trail Gazette from January 23, 2015:

"Over his lifetime, F.O. Stanley's contributions to Estes Park were immense. His seemingly unending energy and innovation flowed continuously; along with the electric and water companies, he established a sewer service. He built an improved road from Lyons to better accommodate his steamer vehicles, he organized groups of local citizens to work on major town projects. He even created sought-after violins, which today (although they are exceedingly rare to find) are sold at auction for tens of thousands of dollars. He was especially kind to the children of Estes Park, said Pickering, often out giving them dimes and trinkets and picking them up for rides home in his Steamer car.

Three years before he died in 1940, he deeded 54 acres of land to the Town of Estes Park, to be used "solely as a public park and recreation grounds." On this land, the Fairgrounds, the dog park, Stanley Park, and the Estes Park Events Complex now sit. He was also a benevolent man and became very well liked in the community. He was an advocate for establishing the national park and creating a fish hatchery along Fall River. He set an example of leadership and generosity that shaped the way the town was to operate for many years to come."