Lifelong Learning

The Supreme Court and the American Society 

Using current Supreme Court cases as a primary focus for discussion, this class explores issues involving intersection of law, government, history and society. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.

The Great Courses® Science Lecture Series: Experiencing Hubble; Understanding the Greatest Images of the Universe

A few hundred miles above earth, there is a remarkable telescope with a crystal-clear view across the universe. Join us for this 12-lecture series which will look at two decades of Hubble Space Telescope's amassing discoveries that rival those of history's greatest scientists and explorers, making it the most important and productive scientific instrument ever built. 

The Great Courses® Art Lecture Series: The World's Greatest Churches

The greatest churches of Christianity represent some of the world's most stunning masterpieces of architecture and art as presented in this 24-part series covering 19 different countries on five continents spanning 17 centuries. The first lecture will look at the Cathedral of Notre Dame is Paris before the 2019 fire and then will view video and pictures of the fire and explore its future. 

Larimer County Search and Rescue: Winter Hiker Safety

LCSAR will share best practices and tips about how to safely enjoy our natural surroundings in winter conditions.