Lifelong Learning

Crafting 101

Nicki Marshsall has been crafting for 40+ years and has been teaching crafting for most of her life. She has years of experience and knowledge in multi dimensions of crafting such as pottery, silver and gold jewelry, leather clothes, costumes, glass work and has been beading for the last 10 years. She has recently sparked an interest in felting and loves to explore, grow and learn in the world of crafts. In each class you will leave with a quality piece of art that you worked hard to make! See below for details.

MACBETH (5 week class)

What are the limits of ambition? How far would you go to gain power? Does greed destroy those who seek power for its own sake? In the 5 week class we will seek answers to these questions as we read Shakespeare's MACBETH. Whether you are new to The Bard or a seasoned Shakespearean, this class is for you! We will discuss, analyze and understand the text while examining the historical, social and political times in which Shakespeare wrote. 

The Supreme Court and the American Society 

Using current Supreme Court cases as a primary focus for discussion, this class explores issues involving intersection of law, government, history and society. No prior knowledge or experience is necessary.

The Great Courses® Science Lecture Series: Museum Masterpieces; The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Where else can you find masterpieces extending from the dawn of civilization to today; or encyclopedic holdings from all the major cultures on earth; or genres ranging from paintings to period rooms, sculpture to suits of armor, metalwork to musical instruments- all situated in a palatial building beside one of the world's most magnificent parks?

The Great Courses® Science Lecture Series: Albert Einstein: Physicist, Philosopher, Humanitarian

In May 1905, an unknown 26 yr old Swiss patent clerk wrote a friend about four scientific papers he had been working on in his spare time. He casually alluded to one as "revolutionary," and he confidently asserted that another would modify the "theory of space and time." He had not yet started on a fifth paper that would also come out in 1905 and that would propose a surprising and earth shaking equation E=mc2.

The Great Courses® Literature Lecture Series: Great American Bestsellers

When a work of fiction or nonfiction captures the attention and wallets, of American readers, it speaks volumes about the nation's cultural climate.