Lake Estes Trail

Walk, jog, skate, snowshoe or ride a bike around the shores of Lake Estes.

The 3.75-mile trail can be accessed from several areas around the lake, including the marina, the Cherokee Draw day-use area, the Estes Park Visitor Center parking areas, and Fisherman’s Nook.

  • Pets must be leashed at all times.
  • Only non-motorized vehicles, such as bikes, are allowed on the trail.
  • Use caution in the winter months as the trail can be icy in spots.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Our three fitness stations around the Lake Estes Trail provide a "training circuit" for people of all ages. The fitness stations are self-paced and free to use. Each station is equipped with instructions that guide you through a series of stretches, resistance training, balance and cardiovascular exercises. Exercise routines are designed for various levels of fitness and abilities.

If you and your family currently stroll, powerwalk, jog, or bike around the Lake Estes Trail, use the fitness stations to enhance your trail experience, your outdoor workout, and to provide your family with a free, healthy group activity.

Please note: Portions of the Lake Estes Trail will be closed while construction continues on the Estes Park Transit Facility. For the latest updates about the parking garage construction, visit the Town of Estes Park website