Health and Wellness

Healthy Habits for Life

A six-week, 1.5 hour interactive class designed to support your dreams of a transformed, healthier life and to create an optimal plan to achieve it through healthy habits for life. You have the power to transform your life. 

First Thursday Meditation

No prior meditation experience is necessary. Each session will include a guided meditation, a silent meditation and an exploration of issues and challenges that may arise in developing one's own practice. 

First Friday Cultivating Well-Being 

Join us the first Friday of each month to explore evidence/experience based approaches that can assist us with developing and cultivating well-being in our daily lives. There is extensive research that supports happiness and well-being that can emerge out of facing our anger, depression, and grief. "Blue zones," that contain centenarians who live happy and fulfilling lives, and healthy communities have now been studied for decads, providing guidance to lead us toward healthier cultural, psychological, and physiological lifestyle choices throughout our entire lives. Come with an open mind and a willingness to listen and share.

Blood Pressure Clinic

Drop in and get your blood pressure checked by a registered nurse from Estes Park Health

Scams on Social Media 

Social media networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are attractice for staying connected to others. Unfortunately, scammers also find these platforms attractive for unleashing scams. Learn how to avoid social networking scams and keep your information safe. 

Eye Diseases and Aging 

Join Ensight to learn about eye diseases, what causes eye diseases, and what you need to do to help prevent them. We will also discuss common treatment. Education is empowerment and the more you know, the better you can adjust to life with vision loss. 

Stay Tuned Into Life with Better Hearing 

Join Dr. Workman from Community Hearing Center as he speaks about solutions to better your everyday interactions for better hearing with good communication strategies and the latest in hearing technology. This program is co-sponsored by the EVRPD Senior and Adult Activities and Estes Park Health.

Avoiding End of Life Scams

This presentation will prepare you with information about common scams and fraud to watch out for when dealing with funerals and end-of-life.

Breast Cancer

Most breast cancer is controllable with early detection. Listen to a local healthcare provider tell her story and learn the best path to early detection and prevention. Co-sponsored by EVRPD Senior and Adult Activities and Estes Park Health.

In Only Hurts When I...

Just because it's painful now doesn't mean it has to stay that way. When is the right time to consider joint replacement? Co-sponsored by EVRPD Senior and Adult Activities and Estes Park Health.

For more information on Health and Wellness programs, please contact Kelly Claypool at 970.480.1331 or For fitness related questions, please contact John McKinnis at 970.480.1313 or