Health and Wellness

Medicare Counseling 

One-on-one sessions with Chris L. Grubb, LUTCF from US Medicare Agency to learn about your medicare options. These are educational sessions only to learn general information about Medicare like how to enroll and what to expect. Chris is educated in Medicare Advantage  Plans, Medicare Supplements, Park D Prescription Plans and Dental Insurance. Appointment required, please call 970-480-1282 to sign up!

AARP Driver Safety

The AARP Driver Safety Program is designed to help drivers live more independently as they age and remain safe on today's roads. The course covers defensive driving skills as well as practical techniques for adjusting to the normal changes in vision, hearing and reaction time associated with aging. There is a 1 hour lunch break, please bring your own sack lunch or go out and return. 

For the Health Of It (NEW 2020 Program)

Estes Park Health and the Estes Valley Community Center have your prescription for good health and wellness to "keep you doing"! We bring our top health care providers to share healthy educational tips to help you experience abundant life in beautiful Estes Park! This program will happen on the 3rd wednesday of every month from 1-2pm in the lower level of the Community Center. Monthly topics are explained below, please pre-register by calling 970-586-8191 or in person at our front desk. For any questions please contact Lauren Pavlish, Senior and Adult Activities Coordinator at 970-480-1366 or

January - What a pain in the... Do you have chronic pain that has stopped you from doing what you love? Mary Bolgeo, CRNA, will help you understand why you don't have to suffer. 

February - Cover yourself please! You're outside and lovin' life, right. You've organized your day pack, filled your water bottles and dressed for the weather. Did you remember to cover your skin with the right SPF to prevent skin cancer? Michael Raisch, MD, from Dermatology Center of the Rockies will help you identify potential skin problems and help you better understand how to protect your skin. 

March - Right Care in the Right Place - Emergency Department, Urgent Care or Community Paramedics, we now have many health care options in Estes Park. Learn which service is the right one for you when your healthcare need is different than a visit to your physician. 

April - I hate the prep, I'll skip the test. Are you putting off your colonoscopy because you hate the prep? Youw will learn why those couple hours of prep could add years to your life. 

May - What's in your cabinet? Learn why getting your used medications out of your home could potentially save someone's life. Also, learn what the best way to keep track of your medications. 

June - Do you know what to do if a health emergency happens on the trail? Be prepared to expect the unexpected. The Estes Park Health Paramedics take care of every kind of emergency and want to help you be prepared for helping in the event of a heart attack, dehydration, altitude sickness and more. 

July - The grandkids are coming to visit! Now what? Things have changed a lot in the care of children. Are you aware of how to "grandkid proof" your house and which way to face that darn car seat? Dr. John Meyer Emergency Department and Karlye Pope, Director of the Birth Center, will help answer your questions and give you the tools to make sure the grandkids visit is an uneventful one. 

August - What the heck is a Hospitalist? Getting you the best and safest care possible when you're in the hospital is job one for Estes Park Health. We incorporate Hospitalists on the Medical Surgical Unit to coordinate care with your primary care physician. Dr. Ken Epstein and Dr. Brigette Dunn will share how they work together to get you back to doing. 

September  - "Huh" "What?" Are these common terms used at your home? Are you missing out of the joyful noise in life, conversations with grandkids, laughs with friends and the dialog of your favorite TV show? Dr. Cory Workman will help you navigate hearing loss to help you completely engage in life. 

October - Is your home prepared for a 911 visit? Our emergency medical team is trained to help you in every situation, but they can't help you if they can't get to you. Estes Park Paramedics will share tips for helping you help them. 

November - Life is all about balance. Protect your ability to do the things you love and work on your balance every day. The Estes Park Health Rehabilitation Services Physical Therapy team will share some exercises and mvoements to keep you moving forward. Our Occupational Therapist will give tips for trip-proofing your home.