Frost Giant

2018 DATE ANNOUNCED:  Sunday, January 28, 2018

Chip Salaun, a world-class triathlete, mountaineer, author, and environmentalist, became the co-founder of the "Frost Giant”, a winter run epitomizing the challenges and rewards of running trails year round in Estes Park. In 1978, Chip devised the name, drew the original logo, laid out the course, pulled the trigger on the first start, and was the catalyst behind the success of the Frost Giant mountain run. The scenery is spectacular. The camaraderie and fellowship developed among runners on the arduous, but beautiful terrain, remain as a legacy to Chip. In late April of 1985, Chip vanished in the snow and ice of Mt. Cook in New Zealand. If the wind should blow, it will be his spirit challenging us, then pushing us to another adventure with nature and ourselves. Fifteen percent (15%) of the proceeds will provide funding for the Estes Valley Youth Activity Assistance Fund. The fund provides scholarships for children to participate in Estes Valley Recreation and Park District youth programs.