Employee Focus

Welcome to the employee focus page on the EVRPD website, where each month, a district employee will be featured on this page. The employee may be new or they may be a seasoned worker, but they will always be someone with an interesting story about why they love working for the District.

Our current Employee Focus is Tiffany Barson, Aquatics Manager for the Estes Valley Community Center

Tiffany Barson started working for the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District (EVRPD) in October 2018 as the new Aquatics Manager at the Estes Valley Community Center. It took a little longer than a year to find just the right person to fill this role, and EVRPD is happy with their selection.

Tiffany grew up in Georgia where she followed her big brother into the swimming pool before she even knew how to swim.

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