Current and Future Projects

Resource Management Plan for Bureau of Reclamation Lands in Estes Valley

The Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation, is preparing a resource management plan (RMP) and environmental assessment (EA) for Reclamation lands located in the Estes Valley area near Estes Park in Larimer County, Colorado. The Reclamation lands in Estes Valley are managed by the Eastern Colorado Area Office (ECA), Great Plains Region, in partnership with the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District (EVRPD).

In March 2018, the final scoping report was released, which includes the comments received during the public scoping process.

For additional information about this report or the RMP, contact or call Justina Thorsen at (970) 962-4207.

Fish Creek Corridor Public Infrastructure Project

The scope of this project is to repair and improve:

  • Fish Creek Road
  • Utilities (Wastewater, Water, and Electric)
  • Multi-use Trail

The project scope does not include repairs to:

  • Private roads
  • Private driveways

The infrastructure repairs will take place in two phases, with the first phase including design and replacement of 1,500 feet of water line and crossings, installation of concrete encased electric lines at stream crossing, replacement or relocation of about 23 sewer manholes and 6,000 feet of sewer line. Because utilities are located beneath the roadway, they must be completed before reconstruction of the road. Phase two will include repairing the road, public access roads, and the multi-use trail.

See the official project Web site for complete information:

Contact the following people if you have questions or concerns:

Larimer County Project Information or Media Inquiries:
Kyle Arend
Project Manager, Larimer County
Email Kyle

Estes Valley Recreation and Park District - Fish Creek Trail Inquiries:
Tom Carosello
Executive Director, Estes Valley Recreation and Park District
970-586-8191, Ext 6
Email Tom

Upper Thompson Sanitation District - Sanitary Sewer Line Project Inquiries:
Chris Bieker
District Manager - Upper Thompson Sanitation District
Email Chris

Town of Estes Park - Project Information:
Greg Muhonen
Director of Public Works, Town of Estes Park
Email Greg

Reuben Bergsten
Utilities Director, Town of Estes Park
Email Reuben

Town of Estes Park - Media Inquiries:
Kate Rusch
Public Information Officer, Town of Estes Park
Email Kate

HDR - Project Information:
Chau Nguyen
HDR Project Manager
Email Chau

Sandy Beazley
HDR Public Involvement Liaison
Email Sandy