Contract Instructor

Come teach with us!

Do you have a special talent or skill you are interested in sharing?

EVCC is recruiting Contract Instructors to teach a wide variety of classes that provide local residents with positive recreational experiences, offer opportunities to learn new skills and encourage community involvement.

The Estes Valley Community Center will utilize independent contract instructors to provide recreational services to our community that are designed for preschoolers, school-age children, teens, adults, seniors and families. We welcome any program idea that reflects the needs and wants of the residents of Estes Park and the surrounding area. An instructor must possess strong skills in teaching, be positive, organized, have good communication skills, and demonstrate a desire to develop and promote their program. 

Interested individuals wishing to instruct a class should review the Contract Instructor Handbook.pdf and must submit a Program Proposal to be considered.  Examples of classes include yoga, Zumba, dance, martial arts, art and music. Program proposals are taken on an on-going basis.

What is a Contract Instructor?

Contract Instructors provide an educational or recreational opportunity to the public and are hired on a contractual basis. A Contract Instructor creates their own curriculum, provides their own supplies, and staffs their activity entirely on their own.

Type A – Contract Instructor for Fee-Based Classes   Program Proposal for Fee-based Class.pdf

Contracts are designed as a 70/30 split. The instructor receives 70% of all class revenue and EVRPD retains 30% of the total fees collected for the class. All registration fees are collected and deposited by EVRPD. In some situations, an hourly opportunity will be extended to Specialized Enrichment Instructors for fee-based classes. This opportunity is beneficial for small classes or new offerings. Generally, specialized enrichment instructors are paid $20 - $30 per hour.

Type B – Contract Instructor for Non-Fee-Based Classes Introductory Fitness Classes  Program Proposal for Non-Fee Class.pdf

This is intended for our ongoing non-fee-based offerings, or member inclusions. These contracts are negotiated on a case-by-case basis dependent on class type, class frequency and instructor experience. Generally, instructors are paid a flat rate of $20 - $25 per class. Some introductory level fitness classes we are seeking to offer include Zumba, yoga, pilates, strength training/total body fitness, step aerobics and group cycle.

Volunteer Instructor

An instructor may choose to volunteer their time to teach and receive no pay. The instructor must fill out a Program Proposal and complete a Background Check.