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Venturing out on a cross-country ski trip, laughing for hours...

​On March 21, ten youth and staff from Grand Mesa Youth Services Center (GMYSC) took a day trip to the Grand Mesa. The trip was planned to celebrate youth in the program that are demonstrating leadership at the facility, in school, and in treatment groups.  To help validate hard work does not go unnoticed, GMYSC partnered with The Nature Center and the Nordic Council and ventured out on a cross country skiing trip on the County Line Trail atop the Grand Mesa. During the trip, the youth were able to experience skiing for the first time, while taking in the crisp air and breathtaking views the trail had to offer. 

Undefeated: Life lessons from a champion that never lost

"In June 2014 he took the job in Grand Junction and applied lessons he learned about mistakes and teamwork and motivation and dreams. He taught kids from broken homes looking down the pipe at years of detention how to get off a mat.
His unit has 27 kids, about the same amount as a large wrestling team. But he doesn’t wrestle. He’s not a security guard. He’s a guiding light."