Motor Vehicle Body Style Change

When changing plate types, the body style on the title must be corrected.
Truck/Tractor Interchangeable Body Styles
  • Owners of truck/tractor vehicles sometimes interchange body styles and vehicle types by adding and/or removing the 5th wheel hitch/bed.  The appropriate license plate to issue to this vehicle type is illustrated below.
    • Title shows the vehicle as a truck-tractor (TT)
    • The vehicle is issued light truck or GVW plates depending upon the weight of the vehicle.
      • Examples:

DYS Youth Brighten Community with Vibrant Mural

DSC_0529 (1) (1) (1).jpgSeventeen youth from Division of Youth Services (DYS) facilities took part in creating a vibrant mural on the side of a Montessori school in Curtis Park July 8-12. One of DYS’s goals is to provide opportunities for youth to make things as right as possible for those who were impacted by their crime. Reconciliations include serving on impact panels, participating in volunteer projects, and working with youth and staff in community service projects. 
The mural project was a way for youth to not only build skills, but also give back to the community and help repair the harm they may have caused. Projects such as the mural involve groups, team-building activities and a clear vision of how each youth is contributing to a larger effort to improve the greater community. The youth enjoyed participating in something positive and special that would be a permanent reminder of the good things they can do.


High or Low Water Pressure In Your Home

The normal pressure for your home will depend on its physical relation to the water source supply. If your home is at a higher elevation relative to a water source location, you will have lower pressure. If your home is downhill from a water source, your water pressure will be higher. Average water pressure for a home in our district is about 75 psi, however this will vary depending on your location.