Waterton Canyon Closure

Annual trail maintenance project will lessen dust and enhance recreational experience

Weekday access to Waterton Canyon will be closed from Monday, June 3, through Friday, June 14, for Denver Water’s annual dust mitigation project. Neither the parking lot at the canyon's entrance nor the canyon will be accessible during this time. Waterton Canyon is planned to be open on Saturday, June 8, and Sunday, June 9, for weekend recreation.

Grand Mesa Youth Visit Ridgeline Fitness

IMG-7689.JPGSix Ridge youth and a few staff from Grand Mesa Youth Services Center had the opportunity to take a community pass to Ridgeline Fitness. This gym specializes in Olympic style lifting and strength training for outdoor activities. They had a coach instruct them on deadlifts and back squats, showing them proper technique and form. These skills and personalized instruction are true benefits that the youth can take with them in the future, if they choose to continue doing this type of activity. Not only did they have a chance to lift weights but they also were able to try flipping tires, doing a sled push, and playing around on the monkey bars. Many of the youth expressed gratitude for the opportunity to have a true gym experience, want to pursue what they learned, and incorporate heathy habits into their lifestyle