Announcing the New Forensic Support Team

The Office of Behavioral Health is excited to announce the launch of the Forensic Support Team with the hiring of 15 Forensic Navigators, the Program Director Amanda Myers and Program Coordinator Christina O’Niell. This new team will serve as a centralized structure within OBH for stakeholders to assist forensic clients when competency restoration services have been ordered by the court.

Meet the Administrative Services Organizations for Crisis Regions 3, 5, and 6

Meet Signal Behavioral Health, the Administrative Services Organization contracted to oversee and manage Colorado Crisis Services in Regions 2, 5, and 6. Learn about Signal and its long history of working with OBH to operationalize the delivery of quality behavioral health services in the regions it serves.

Cannabis Oil and Drug Tests

Cannabis oil is a concentrated extract from the cannabis plant. It can be made from pure tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), pure cannabidiol oil (CBD), or a combination of both. While cannabis use is legal in Colorado, employers still have the right to require drug tests and make their own policies about drug usage, including not hiring or firing employees who fail a drug test. This includes medical cannabis use, even for employees with a medical registration card.