Community Listening Circles: Engaging the QTBIPoC/QTPoC/LGBTQI Community Impacted by Violence

SPANlogo.PNGClick below to read a message from Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence regarding the closing of SOL and BSeedz has had on LGBTQI communities, particularly Queer-Trans-Black-Indigenous-People-of-Color (QTBIPoC) and QueerTrans-People-of-Color (QTPoC) and the three separate “Listening Circles” that will be convened in September.


Kids Club & Mom’s Empowerment Program Pilot Site Request

Strong Kid.jpgDVP recently hosted a webinar with the Children’s Wellness Center of Colorado regarding an evidence-based intervention, Kids Club and Mom’s Empowerment Program, that is designed for community-based organizations to promote strong bonds between survivors and their children and to support children who have experienced domestic violence in the home. 

Click below to get the link for the webinar and learn more.