Healthy Youth Sports Tips

5 Tips for Sports Parents:

  1. Comment on great plays and encourage, but don’t coach from the sidelines. One young athlete in our study explained that he doesn’t want be treated like “a remote controlled car” by parents.
  2. It doesn’t matter how much you know about a sport, don’t try to assume the coach’s role when you are not the designated coach. Kids really dislike this.
  3. Clap and cheer, even for particularly good plays of opponents.
  4. Kids are naturally empathetic to others. If a crazed fan is shouting names or yelling mean comments to players (even if they’re on the other team) they feel very bad about it.
  5. Encourage “diversification”: let kids try many sports at a younger age rather than focusing intensely on one. This creates a better and well-rounded athlete and one that’s less prone to injury later on.

For more information on being a good youth sports parent follow the link below.