About the District

Estes Valley Recreation and Park District (EVRPD) is a Special District – a form of local government authorized under state law and created to perform a specific purpose. In our case, that purpose is to serve the park and recreation needs of our constituents. Purposes of other special districts include fire protection, health services, water and sanitation. We are not a part of Larimer or Boulder County. We are a separate entity with our own taxing authority. All tax revenue and other funds we collect go to serve our park and recreation needs.


The Estes Valley Recreation and Park District is a quasi-municipal corporation and a political subdivision of the State of Colorado. The District was formed in 1955 and was first known as the Rocky Mountain Metropolitan Recreation District. It was created for the purpose of supplying recreational facilities within its boundaries. In 1985, the District's name was changed to the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District.

District Boundaries

The District encompasses approximately 320 square miles in southwestern Larimer County and northern Boulder County, and includes within its boundaries primarily unincorporated land and the Town of Estes Park. The permanent population of the Recreation District varies between 10,800 and 11,600 in any given year. The District's boundaries have remained unchanged since its organization.

District boundaries are generally described as approximately two miles north of Glen Haven (including Glen Haven); one mile east of Drake (including Drake); southeast toward (but not including) Pinewood Springs; two miles south of the Larimer-Boulder County line (including Meeker Park, but not Allenspark); and west to the Continental Divide. See the District Boundary Map for further detail.


The District is governed by a five-member Board of Directors. The District Board is responsible for the overall management and administration of the affairs of the District. The Directors hold regular meetings and, as needed, special meetings. Information about the Board and Board meetings is available in the Board of Directors section of this Web site.

Day-to-day operations of the District are conducted by 23 full-time staff members, led by the Executive Director, Tom Carosello.

Transparency Notice

EVRPD's Colorado Open Records Act Policy (CORA)

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