About Our Fitness Program

The Estes Valley Community Center offers more than 75 group and water fitness classes, including 15 specialty fitness classes.
Variety is key when it comes to your fitness routine, not only to keep you motivated but also to keep your body guessing. With a variety of empowering cardio, strength training, aquatic, mind/body, and senior classes provided weekly, there's something for everyone!
Active Adult/Senior classes

Fitness classes

Special interest classes

Aquatics classes

You can achieve your fitness goals and our certified fitness team is here to help you on your journey!  For more information please contact Ivana Knudson, Community Center Manager, at

*Membership or daily admission fees required to use the Estes Valley Community Center.

Complimentary Fitness Orientations

If you're just starting out or would like a refresher on the fitness equipment at the Estes Valley Community Center, our staff will provide a complimentary equipment orientation designed to help you become acquainted to our wellness center. To schedule an orientation, learn more about our equipment or for more information regarding program opportunities, please contact Ivana Knudson at 970-586-7556.