Dive Into Diving

This class is designed for the recreational and competitive diver interested in learning how to or improve their diving skills. Each student will be instructed in using the diving board safely and effectively. Class will focus on how to perform forward and backward takeoffs, feet-first and head-first entries, and four basic dives (forward, backward, inward and front somersaults). Successful completions of all four dives will serve as a pre-requisite for those divers who wish to continue on to advanced or competitive diving.

Dates, Times and Fees

• Session 1: January 12 to January 26 (3 weeks; no class on 2/2); $41
• Session 2: February 9 to March 2 (4 weeks); $54
• Session 3: March 9 to April 6 (4 weeks; no class 3/30); $54
• Session 4: April 13 to May 4 (4 weeks); $54

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