EMD Evergreen Lake Closure Statement

In regards to the posted closure of boating on Evergreen Lake as of Saturday, August 17th, 2019, Evergreen Metropolitan District (EMD) along with Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) made a joint decision to close the Lake in the interest of protecting the water supply for the Evergreen area. Please know that blue green algae has NOT been identified in Evergreen Lake. This is a precautionary measure. EPRD ended the summer lake recreation program, thus stopping all watercraft monitoring. Without any monitoring of watercraft brought onto Evergreen Lake there is an increase in the potential for invasive species to be brought in. Given the increase in reports along the front range of lakes being affected by blue-green algae blooms as well as deaths and illness related to the cyanobacteria; it was determined that for the overall safety of the residents as well as the protection of the lake’s high water quality took priority. A closure of access for private watercraft of any kind was done as a precautionary measure to mitigate potential contamination from individuals bringing said equipment that may have been exposed in other waterways. Invasive species, including Zebra mussels, Quagga mussels and Watermilfoil can do significant damage to the local Evergreen flora and fauna, and once introduced can be impossible to remove. While recreational activities on the lake are something many of us enjoy, the safety of our water will always take precedence. Evergreen Lake is always subject to closure at any time EMD feels the water quality is at risk.

The closure of private boating is not related to the boating passes sold as the passes were only valid for the times EPRD boating operations were open and the season ended Aug 11. EPRD had stated in many places such as the website and recreation guide that the boating season was ending on Aug 11 due to projects being planned at the Lake House, especially the entrance bridge replacement.

EPRD and EMD will continue to work together to update the community as needed. At this time processes and procedures are being reviewed. The goal for both EMD and EPRD is to provide safe water and safe recreational activities on Evergreen Lake.

For additional information regarding blue-green algae, please visit: