El Pinal Sewer Main Construction Notice


Evergreen Metropolitan District together with Jim Noble, Inc. will begin replacing an aging, pressurized sewer main this week. This sewer main is located between the Hiwan Hills and El Pinal Subdivisions north of Thimbleberry Lane. This replacement is required due to recent failures in the pipeline. The majority of the pipeline replacement (1,350 feet) in this phase will occur within private property easements to the north of Thimbleberry Lane. However, approximately 250 feet of this sewer main is located within Thimbleberry Lane. 

This pipeline is used for wastewater transmission from the El Pinal Lift Station located east of the Rodeo Grounds. We do not expect any water or sewer service disruptions for the duration of the project. The project is scheduled to be completed within 120 days but will be finished earlier if possible with only a short time needed within Thimbleberry Lane near the end of the project.

This week, mobilization of equipment and materials will be completed. To prepare the site, some small trees that have grown in the easement will need to be removed as well as some older trees that have encroached over the path that equipment must operate.

During construction within Thimbleberry Lane, the contractor will be required to keep at least one lane open for residential access. There will be times when access will be temporarily restricted up to 5-10 minutes for movement of materials and equipment. 

The contractor is required to return the road surface to original or better condition after the project is completed. There will be times that construction within the roadway will limit access to 3 or 4 properties during the daytime. We will provide those property owners with as much advance time as possible to allow them to move vehicles out of the driveway before open excavation will prevent access for that day.

The District appreciates your patience and understanding while this project is completed.  Future work on this pipeline within Thimbleberry up to the intersection of Paintbrush Drive is currently in the design and planning stage. This 2nd phase is expected to use trenchless pipe replacement as much as possible. 

El Pinal Force Main Map.JPG
El Pinal Force Main Map