FAQs and Frequently Requested Phone Numbers

How do I contact the City of Evergreen?
Evergreen is an unincorporated area of Jefferson County, Colorado.  There is no "City Government".  Public services normally provided by a city are split up among several agencies:

Highways State of Colorado (Evergreen Parkway, HWY 74)
Roads Jefferson County, Clear Creek County (Upper Bear)
Planning, Zoning Jefferson County, Clear Creek County (Upper Bear)
Schools Jefferson County, Clear Creek County (Upper Bear)
Fire Evergreen Fire District
Police Jefferson County, Clear Creek County and Highway Patrol
Water and Sewer Various Special districts operated under the administration of Evergreen Metropolitan District

Please contact the respective agencies with concerns.

Where do I get trash service?
Evergreen Metro does not provide trash pickup.  Please consult the yellow pages to find a local company.
Do you have the phone number for the Rec Center?  Is there ice-skating on the Lake? 

Here is a list of frequently asked for phone numbers:
BFI 303-674-2651
Chamber of Commerce 303-674-3412
Denver Park & Rec 303-964-2580
Driver’s License 303-674-4152
El Rancho Restaurant 303-526-0661
Evergreen Disposal 303-278-8600/Landfill 303-674-4147
Evergreen High School 303-674-3341/982-5140
Wulf Recreation Center 720-880-1200
Fire Department (non-emergency) 303-674-3145
Golf course 303-674-4128
Evergreen Lake House 720-880-1300
Library 303-674-0780
Post Office 1-800-275-8777
RTD Schedule 303-299-6000
Skating Hotline 720-880-1391
Xcel Energy 303-895-4999
Senior's Resource Center 303-674-2843
For additional information, please visit the Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce's website by clicking here
Where do I get information on building permits, codes, signage, or roads?
Contact Jefferson County at 303-279-6511.
When is the Board Meeting?
There are three different Districts that provide service to the residents of Evergreen.  To get the correct date, time location and agenda for a specific district, please contact us at 303-674-4112, or send us an e-mail to recept@evergreenmetrodistrict.com.
How much are tap fees?
A schedule of current rates and tap fees can be found on the rates page of the website.
Where do I get information on inclusion, service applications, tap inspections, etc?
Contact the New Services Manager at 303-674-4112 or e-mail us at recept@evergreenmetrodistrict.com.

Who do I contact about billing? Can I pay my bills online? Can I pay by credit card?
Evergreen Metropolitan District now offers secure Online Bill Payment. (click the Xpress Bill Pay link below).

Xpress Bill Pay Link

Note:  Credit Card Payments and Electronic Funds Transfer is now available through the Xpress Bill Pay link. There is no charge for Electronic Funds Transfer.  A $5.00 convenience fee for Credit Card Payments will be assessed on the credit card transaction and added to the amount of your payment.

For information on how you can pay your bill, call the administration office at 303-674-4112. Office hours are 8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.


Where does our drinking water come from?
Drinking water comes from Evergreen Lake.  Water flows into Evergreen Lake via Upper Bear Creek from the Mount Evans drainage basin.
Why does my water taste or smell funny?
Taste and odor problems with the tap water can come from numerous sources.  Lake turnover that occurs in the spring and fall can create problems from organic material from the bottom of the lake.  New plumbing fixtures or new carpet in the house can combine with chemicals in the water to create odors.  For additional information, call us at 303-674-4112, or send us an e-mail to recept@evergreenmetrodistrict.com.
Where is my water meter located?
Visit the Water meter page for information on how to find your meter.
How do I report a sewer odor?
To report an odor you suspect is coming from one of the treatment facilities or sewer system, call 303-674-4112, or send us an e-mail to recept@evergreenmetrodistrict.com.
Where does the sewage go?
The Evergreen service area is divided into three treatment plant basins. Customers residing in the North Evergreen area from I-70 to Hilltop Drive off of Evergreen Parkway are connected to the sewer system feeding the West Jefferson County Metro District wastewater facility.  The plant is located at the end of Lewis Ridge Road.  Evergreen Metropolitan District wastewater plant services the area from Hilltop Drive to Brook Forest Road off of Hwy 73, Upper Bear Creek Road into Clear Creek County, and East to Meadow Drive.  The plant is located on Meadow Drive.  Kittredge Sanitation and Water District flows to their own plant located on Hwy 74 East of town. For more information, go the wastewater page of the web site.
Who do I call about a sewer backing up?
To report a sewer backing up, call us at 303-674-4112.  If this is after office hours, please call us at 303-688-7115.
Can I tour one of the treatment facilities?
We offer tours of both the water and wastewater plants.  To set up a tour, contact us at call 303-674-4112, or send us an e-mail to recept@evergreenmetrodistrict.com.
How do I get to your office?
The Evergreen Metropolitan District office is located at 30920 Stagecoach Blvd.  From Evergreen Parkway, go west on Stagecoach Blvd.  The office is located about ¼ mile up the road on the South side.  (We are the first building after the Taco Bell.)