Contact Information

Location and Mailing Address:
Administration Building
30920 Stagecoach Blvd.
Evergreen, CO 80439

Contact Person:
Dave Lighthart, General Manager
Phone - 303-674-4112
Fax – 303-674-7267

Board of Directors:

Mark Davidson, Chairman
Jack Wolfe, Treasurer
Jim Viellenave, Secretary
Joe Frisk, Director
John Ellis, Director

Departmental Contacts:
Dave Lighthart, General Manager
303-674-4112 ext. 108
Nancy Luzadder, Financial Manager
303-674-4112 ext. 101
Suzanne Roman, Assistant to Financial Manager
303-674-4112 ext. 104
Dominique Devaney, Office and Human Resources Supervisor
303-674-4112 ext. 102
Michelle Sullivan, Team Support / Accounts Receivable Specialist
303-674-4112 ext. 100
Shelley Koch,  Administrative Support / Accounts Payable Specialist
303-674-4112 ext. 105
Zoe Loftis, Billing Specialist
303-674-4112 ext. 107
Kevin Johnson, Wastewater Manager
Garry Jeffrey, Water Manager
Marc Rosenberg, Collection/Distribution Manager
Chris Schauder, New Services and Environmental Manager
303-674-4112 ext. 106
Ken Adams, Cross-connection Control Coordinator