Collections & Distribution Department

Department Manager:

Marc Rosenberg, 303-674-3112


The Collections and Distribution (C&D) Department is responsible for all underground utilities managed by Evergreen Metro District. These include water and sewer mains, manholes, valves and fire hydrants. C&D responds to and repairs water main breaks, sewer service backups and overflows, and performs regular preventative maintenance to help keep issues from becoming emergencies. The C&D Department works closely with all the other departments of Evergreen Metro District, providing support and operations staff to the water and wastewater departments. C&D collaborates with many other agencies serving the Evergreen area including the Evergreen Fire Department, Jefferson County Road & Bridge, CDOT, and recently worked with Evergreen Park and Recreation District on the Evergreen Lake Trail rehabilitation probject.

C&D is also responsible for locating water and sewer lines. We are a "Tier 1" locating service with Colorado 811, which means when homeowners or other agencies call 811 a request is sent directly to the C&D department to locate water & sewer lines for emergency or planned situations. 


For more information about 811 and utility locates, please visit 


C&D Building
C&D Building