Bulk Station and Bulk Water Hauler Information

Bulk Station Location:
26360 Hwy 74
Kittredge, CO 80457


Bulk Station - No Permit Required  (roadside)

$0.03 per gallon for 3/4" connection
Fills at 25 gallons/minute
Machine takes $1 and $5 bills, we do not accept credit or debit cards at this time. No change will be given. You will receive a code for the balance available.


Bulk Station - Permit Required (creekside)

$500.00 Annual Permit Fee (we do not pro-rate this fee)
$0.02 per gallon for 2 1/2" connection 
Fills at 200 gallons/minute
*This side is for our bulk haulers only. Please click below for a 2020 Water Hauling Permit, and for our 2020 Water Hauling Regulations.
**Hauling vehicle must be air gap inspected annually

For more information, or to obtain or renew your bulk haulers permit, please call our office directly at 303-674-4112, extension #105.