Test Result Metrc® Entries Compliance Tip

Applicable Rules:  1CCR 212-1 M 712  and 1CCR 212-2 R 712


  • Licensed Testing Facilities are tasked with timely and accurately entering test results into Metrc®
  • If the Testing Facility is testing for Research & Development purposes or for a state mandated test, the results of the tests must be accurately recorded in Metrc®.   
  • This includes any Test Batch that is found to contain levels of a contaminant not listed within MED rules that could be injurious to human health if consumed.  If such a contaminant is detected rules require the Division to be notified.  This notification is accomplished by the testing facility entering a “Failed” test result into Metrc® for the appropriate test type.    

Licensees are responsible for ensuring they are compliant with applicable statute and rules.  This Compliance Tip is not intended to be all-inclusive and may not include all statutes and rules applicable to the Topic.  Further, the Division is not able to provide you with legal advice. If you have any legal questions, please consult with an attorney.