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In November 2019, Proposition DD was passed with a vote of the people allowing for legalizing sports betting in Colorado, making Colorado one of many states now letting people place bets on sporting events since the Supreme Court ruling struck down a law that banned sports betting in most U.S. states. With the passage of Proposition DD, and the legislative bill passed by the Colorado General Assembly in May 2019, the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission and the Colorado Division of Gaming are the statutory authority over the regulation of the legalized sports betting in Colorado. 

In anticipation of the passage of the proposition, the Division of Gaming has been reviewing best practices and regulations from other states already allowing legalized sports betting and will be using this knowledge, along with engaging industry stakeholders, to establish rules and licensing standards for sports betting in Colorado. Since 1991, the Division of Gaming and the Colorado Limited Gaming Control Commission have overseen a strong and robust industry of limited stakes gaming in Colorado, and the Division will apply the same successful regulation model to ensure the integrity of the sports betting industry.

Below you will find information published by the Division of Gaming related to the work to implement a regulatory framework for sports betting in Colorado:

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Sports Betting License Fees Analysis  Colorado General Assembly HB19-1327

Draft Rules: Stakeholder Working Groups December 9-11th 

Videos from Round 1 Stakeholder working groups: 

#1 General Rules:

- #2 Compliance:

- #3 Technology:

#4 Integrity & Information:

- #5 Responsible Gaming: 

Draft Rules: Stakeholder Working Groups January 31, 2020

Videos from Round 2 Stakeholder working groups:

-#1 General Rules Morning Sesion:

-#2 General Rules Afternoon Session: