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A - D

Adjusted Gross Proceeds (AGP) Statistics

Amendment 50 (extended gaming in Colorado) See Page 93 of Act Book

Application for a Colorado Gaming License

Arrest Notification Form for Licensees

Associated Equipment Supplier License

Attribute worksheets


Bingo and Raffles (handled by Secretary of State office)

Bulletins (Gaming Industry Bulletins)


Casinos in Colorado

Change of Address and Notification Form

Charities and Fundraisers - Charity Gambling Events

Child Support and Gambling Payment Intercept - GPI

Colorado Laws on Gaming – Colorado Revised Statutes  C.R.S. 44-30-101  |  Act Book

Commission, Gaming Commission and Policies

Complaint by Gaming Patron (form)

Contact Us, Gaming Division sections and staff


Dealer (casino) License requirements, application

Declaratory Orders

Definitions of Terms, Industry Statistics

Device Counts

Device Tracking

Disqualifiers (reasons one cannot get a gaming license)


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Electronic Promotional Credit System (procedures)


Fact Book and Abstract

Field Trial Procedures

Financial Statements

Fraudulent Acts


Gambling Payment Intercept - GPI

Gaming ACT (Colorado laws on Limited Gaming)

Gaming Industry Bulletins

Gaming Taxes & Returns (141 GAM)

Gaming Update (newsletter)


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Income Tax on Winnings (See Fact & Abstract Book, p.23)

Illegal Gambling

Indian Gaming (Tribal Casinos in Colorado)

Industry Licensees

Industry Statistics

Internal Control Officer Checklist

Internal Control Minimum Procedures (ICMPs)


Jackpot Winnings subject to Gambling Payment Intercept


License Applications & Requirements

License Disqualifiers

License Types

Licensed Manufacturers/Distributors

Locations of Colorado Casinos

Locations of Division Offices


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Monthly Statistics


Newsletter – Gaming Update

Number of Devices in each Casino


Office Contact Information for Division of Gaming / List of Offices

Organization Chart for Division of Gaming


Payments for Gaming Taxes (141 Gaming Tax)

Personnel Tracking

Poker Nights and Social Gambling

Poker Tournaments & Casino Nights

Problem gambling, help for gamblers and families


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Questions and Answers (See Fact Book & Abstract)


Raffles – Secretary of State Office

Recipients of Gaming Fund Proceeds (Where does revenue from gaming go)

Regulations, Gaming Regulations

Report a Problem (contact nearest office)

Revenue, Department contact information

Revenue: Gaming Tax Revenue

Revenue Online Manuals

Revoked Software

Rulemaking Hearings

Rules and Regulations on Gaming in Colorado

Rule Change Suggestions (form and instructions)


Security Cameras (Surveillance. Minimum standards and procedures)

Self-Exclusion (individuals who wish to be excluded from casino visits and promotions) through Problem Gaming Coalition of Colorado

Slot Machine Forms

Social Gambling (when legal and when not)

Support License for Casino Employees

Statistics on Gaming Industry in Colorado

Statutes, Colorado Laws (All)

Sweepstakes (through Colorado Attorney General Office)

System Testing Forms


Table Games Application

Taxes & Tax Rates on Gaming Revenue

Test Lab Vendors (See TSG & Field Operations Sections)

Training – meetings for licensed employees

Tournaments (Poker)

Tribal Casinos in Colorado


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Underage Gambling