Settlement Reached with Public Smoke Shop after Multiple Violations of Selling Cigarettes and Nicotine to Minors

DENVER, Thursday, October 18, 2018– The Colorado Department of Revenue’s Liquor Enforcement Division announces it has reached a mutual settlement with Public Smoke Shop, Inc of Longmont, Colorado. The tobacco retailer has agreed to pay fines totaling
$20,000 and improve their business operating practices after the retailer was found to have sold cigarettes or nicotine products to minors on seven separate occasions. As part of multiple underage compliance checks at the Public Smoke Shop’s Longmont
retail store, Liquor Enforcement Division investigators found that, within a 24-month period, the retailer continued to sell cigarettes and nicotine products to minors, even after the retailer received violation notices and paid fines on their second, third and
fourth violations.

“This is an outstanding example of how the Liquor Enforcement Division works to protect public safety by keeping nicotine products out of the hands of those under the age of 18 through strict enforcement of the law,” said Patrick Maroney, Director of the
Liquor Enforcement Division, which also regulates the sale of tobacco and nicotine products. “The goal of the agreement reached with Public Smoke Shop is to ensure the retailer puts in place prevention measures and improves their standard operating
procedures to prohibit any future violations.”

To avoid any further administrative action by the Liquor Enforcement Division and resolve the charges, Public Smoke Shop agreed to the $20,000 fine and agreement stipulations, in lieu of conducting a hearing to determine the merits of the multiple
violation allegations found by investigators.

The settlement between the Liquor Enforcement Division and Public Smoke Shop outlines required measures the retailer must implement at its location to prevent the sale of cigarettes, tobacco products or nicotine products to minors in the future. The
prevention measures agreed to by both parties include training of employees, completing a responsible vendor training program, implementing ID scanners used for every sale, moving its point of sale register near the front entrance, and enforcing
disciplinary action against those employees involved with the sale to minors. The agreement resolves the retailer's multiple underage violations with the Liquor Enforcement Division and releases them from further fines or actions on the seven
infraction allegations.