Racing- Fingerprinting

Valid fingerprints are required for support licenses, new and renewals.  An application will not be accepted for processing unless the fingerprinting requirement has been met. To meet this requirement, you have a few options: 

Between May 1 and August 31:

Visit the Division of Racing office at Arapahoe Park (26000 East Quincy Ave, Aurora, CO 80016) to be fingerprinted in the licensing office.

Between September 1 and April 30:

Call 303-866-6696 to make an appointment to get fingerprinted at the Division of Racing offices (1707 Cole Blvd, Suite 350, Lakewood, CO 80401). Applicant must be present with photo ID to submit fingerprints. 

All year (via third party agencies):

Get fingerprinted through the Colorado Background Applicant Services (CABS) program. (Learn more at  Note: There is a fee charged for fingerprinting through the CABS program of $39.50.

  • Visit for Division of Racing licenses (Service Code 25YGHY)
    • Locate a center near you, schedule an appointment, and visit the center to obtain fingerprints
  • Note: For those who have their fingerprints taken at a local law enforcement agency, you will need to submit your fingerprint card to the Division of Racing, or have the prints electronically scanned by the CABS program at

         **If you are unable to obtain fingerprints at Arapahoe Park or via an "Identogo" location, please call the Division of Racing at 303-866-6743 and request a fingerprint card be sent to you. Once you receive the fingerprint card, you may obtain fingerprints from your local law enforcement agency. Then, send the finger-printed Colorado Division of Racing card with your license application to 1707 Cole Blvd, Suite 350 Lakewood, CO 80401.