Place of Business Requirements - Auto Industry Division


  • Permanent enclosed office large enough to accommodate dealer's office.
  • Books and records stored safely and available for inspection.
  • Electrical service.
  • Adequate sanitary facilities (restrooms).
  • Space to display one or more vehicles.
  • Hours of operation posted and opened at least 3 days per week for a continuous four hours per day between 8 AM and 9 PM.
  • Complies with local zoning requirements.
  • Used exclusively for dealer business (the office, entrance and display area cannot be shared with another business). Powersports are exempt from exclusive use.
  • Property must be owned or leased. If leased, the lease must allow Dealer operations, signage and space to display one or more vehicles.
  • Permanent sign in place or a temporary sign in place with a permanent sign ordered.
  • Sign displays licensed name of dealer (dba).
  • Sign's letters are at least 6-inches high.
  • Sign is visible to the major avenue of traffic.
  • The Place of Business Affidavit must be submitted along with four photos showing a full view of the lot and sign from across the street (at least 100 feet displaying the entire building and lot), one close-up photo of the office building and sign, a photo of the restroom, and one photo of the inside of the office.