Racing Commission Members

Colorado Racing Commission Members

Pam Inmann
Chair - Business Member

Ms. Pam Oldham Inmann serves as the business representative to the Colorado Racing Commission, which requires that the Commission member have five or more years of business experience in a management-level capacity. Ms. Inmann’s first term of service will remain in effect until July 2017. Her professional management background is extensive and diverse, includes both government service as the Executive Director of the Western Governors’ Association, a position that she held for approximately eight years. Additionally, she has been employed in positions in the private sector, including that of Director of State Government Affairs/Western District for Altria Corporate Services, Inc. for approximately thirteen years and, prior to that, serving as Director of Special Projects for the Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Association for approximately ten years. (Republican – Fourth Congressional District)


Justine "Tina" Scott Estes
Vice Chair - Racing Industry Member

Ms. Estes was appointed by Governor Hickenlooper on August 25, 2016, to serve on the Racing Commission as a representative of the racing industry for a term that will expire on July 1, 2020. Ms. Estes is very experienced in Colorado agri-business, having been the co-owner and manager of Trademark Farm, a ranching operation involving the production of cattle, hay and horses since 1989. She resides in Gypsum, Colorado. Ms. Estes has also been an approved judge for multiple breeds and horse show associations from 1985 until 2010 and continues to be actively involved with horse, cattle and agricultural associations. She has had a lifetime involvement with showing, breeding, and training horses and is especially interested in maintaining their place in sports as well as ensuring their welfare. Ms. Estes is currently serving as the Treasurer of the Colorado Horse Development Authority, as Secretary/Treasurer of the Eagle County Cattlemen’s Association and as Chair of the Farm Service Agency. (Republican; Congressional District 3)


David Lynn Hoffman
Racing Industry Member

Dr. Hoffman was appointed by Governor Hickenlooper on August 2, 2016, to serve on the Racing Commission as a representative of the racing industry for a term that will expire on July 1, 2020.  Dr. Hoffman served previously as a member of the Racing Commission from 2001 through 2009. Dr. Hoffman is a professor of business management at Metropolitan State University.  He was formerly a professor of management at the University of Northern Colorado (Greeley).  Dr. Hoffman has served as President of the Board for Platte River Industries, is the former President of the Westminster 7:10 Rotary and is a former member of the Westminster 7:10 Rotary’s Vocational Service Committee, Foundation Request Committee and the Foundation Board of Directors.  Currently, he heads the University’s Institute for Entrepreneurial Innovation.  Additionally, he headed the Small Business Institute Directors’ Association. (Democrat; Congressional District 7)


Lori Scott, DVM
Veterinarian Member

Dr. Lori Scott, who was recently appointed by Governor Hickenlooper to serve a four-year term on the Commission as a representative of veterinarians licensed in Colorado for at least five years.  Dr. Scott’s term of service will remain in effect until 2019. Dr. Scott, who is a practicing Veterinarian, graduated from Colorado State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine, operated a veterinary clinic, North Denver Animal Clinic, for 27 years.  She had previously served as the Division of Racing Events’ regulatory veterinarian at various Colorado racetracks for approximately twenty years. Additionally, she and her husband have been actively involved in overseeing animal welfare and medication usage at the National Western Stock Show and has received foreign animal disease training. (Unaffiliated; Congressional District 7)


Sandra Bowen
Public Member

Sandra Bowen is the newest member to the Racing Commission and was appointed as the public member by Governor Hickenlooper on August 3, 2018. Her career in the public sector has bolstered her government administration experience. After earning her Master’s degree in management from the University of Denver, Ms. Bowen began her career as a program analyst for the State of Colorado Department of Health Care Policy and Financing. In this role, she performs duties including project management, serving as a customer service liaison, and communicating with Health First Colorado members. Ms. Bowen has an immense passion for horses; growing up riding and owning them all her life. She has “the good of Colorado in mind and will keep the bottom line in sight” while serving as the public member on the Colorado Racing Commission. (Democrat; Congressional District 2)