Racing Commission


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The Colorado Racing Commission is a five-member body appointed by the Governor. The Commission meets quarterly in accordance with C.R.S. 44-32-301(h) and is responsible for promulgating all the rules and regulations governing greyhound and horse racing in Colorado. The Commission has final authority over all racing licenses issued in the state. By law, the Commission is composed of five members representing different professional and geographic backgrounds meeting the following requirements:
  • No more than three Commissioners may be from the same political party.
  • No more than two members of the Commission shall be from the same congressional district.
  • One member shall be from west of the Continental Divide.
Following appointment by the Governor, the State Senate must confirm the appointments to the Commission. Commissioners serve four-year terms and no Commissioner may serve more than two consecutive terms. 
The Commission membership must include the following:
  • Two members who have been previously engaged in the racing industry for at least five years
  • One member who is a practicing veterinarian who is currently licensed in Colorado and has been so licensed for not less than five years
  • One member who has been engaged in business in a management-level capacity for at least five years
  • One member who is a registered elector of the state who is not employed in any profession or industry as otherwise described above.