MED Third-Party Fingerprint Service

Due to a statutory mandate, the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) has modified its fingerprinting process and will no longer accept hard copy fingerprint cards for MED licensing background checks - this will only affect you if you are not planning to come to a MED office to have your fingerprints taken. 

If you plan to submit your fingerprints via a third-party vendor, you may only do so using the CBI approved vendor: IdentoGO.  

If you choose to submit digital scans of your fingerprints via IdentoGo:

  • You will be required to submit a$49.50 processing fee; $39.50 actual cost fee and a $10.00 service fee, 
  • You will be able to choose a location and make an appointment to have your fingerprints scanned at one of the IdentoGO sites across the county, 
  • You will receive a receipt from IdentoGo which you must include in your application packet, and
  • You may subtract $39.50 from your application fee as you will have already paid the cost of the background check to CBI via IdentoGO

Keep in mind that you can have your fingerprints taken at any of our MED offices with no additional $10.00 processing fee.


  • New Associated Keys Applicants (resident and non-resident),
  • Renewing Associated Keys that did not submit fingerprints in 2017
  • Pre-Suitability Applicants,  
  • Financial Declarations Registrants,
  • Indirect Beneficial Interest Owner Applicants, or
  • Permitted Economic Investor Applicants

How to use the IdentoGO site:

  •  Once you have reached the IdentoGO website, enter the MED Service Code25YGBJ  (do not use the options at the bottom of the page or you will be misdirected).
  • Choose "Schedule or Manage Appointment"
  • Enter the required information on each of the following screens: 
    • Essential info;
    • Citizenship;
    • Personal questions;
    • Personal info;
    • Address;
    • Documents (what form of ID do you wish to use to confirm Identity);
    • Location (here is where you will enter your zip code to find a location near you)
    • Choose the site you wish to go to by clicking on the expand arrow, then click the next button within that section;
    • Date and Time (choose the date and time you want to set for your appt.), then click submit
  • You will be expected to pay the $49.50 fee at your fingerprint appointment.
  • Once your fingerprints are scanned, they will be sent directly to CBI.  If you are out-of-state, you will be required to pay an additional fee ($39.95) to submit the prints to Colorado.
  • Keep your receipt and send a copy of it with your application packet.
  • DO NOT call the site you wish to visit, as they may provide inaccurate information.  Stick to the website.
  • If you have questions or problems, please contact via email.