MED Third-Party Fingerprint Service

Due to a statutory mandate, the Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) has modified its fingerprinting process and will no longer accept hard copy fingerprint cards for MED licensing background checks - this will only affect you if you are not planning to come to a MED office to have your fingerprints taken. 

If you plan to submit your fingerprints via a third-party vendor, you may only do so using one of the two CBI approved vendors: IdentoGO or Colorado Fingerprinting by American BioIdentity.  

1) IdentoGo: If you choose to submit digital scans of your fingerprints via IdentoGo:

  • You will be required to submit a$49.50 processing fee; $39.50 actual cost fee and a $10.00 service fee, 
  • You will be able to choose a location and make an appointment to have your fingerprints scanned at one of the IdentoGO sites across the county, 
  • You will receive a receipt from IdentoGo which you must include in your application packet, and
  • You may subtract $39.50 from your application fee as you will have already paid the cost of the background check to CBI via IdentoGO

2) Colorado Fingerprinting by American BioIdentity:

 Keep in mind that you can have your fingerprints taken at any of our MED offices with no additional $10.00 processing fee.

  • New Associated Keys Applicants (resident and non-resident),
  • Renewing Associated Keys that did not submit fingerprints the previous year
  • Pre-Suitability Applicants,  
  • Financial Declarations Registrants,
  • Indirect Beneficial Interest Owner Applicants, or
  • Permitted Economic Investor Applicants