MED Third-Party Fingerprint Providers

 Effective March 18, we are open for business but our offices are closed to the public until April 18

As state public health officials are calling for “social distancing,” consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the Marijuana Enforcement Division is adopting measures to minimize exposure between employees and also between employees and the public.

  • Starting Wednesday, March 18 MED business operations will continue and services to the public will remain available, however, all MED office lobbies will not be open to the public. Specifically, MED is providing modified licensing services, outlined on our Licensing webpage.  Other than these adjustments to our licensing processes, it is business as usual at MED. 

If fingerprints are required for your application submission please use one of the two Colorado approved fingerprint providers below. Both vendors have limited sites open for fingerprint services. This map shows where IdentoGo and American BioIdentity locations are located and designates whether the site is opened or closed. Sites highlighted in green are still providing service, and those highlighted in yellow have temporarily suspended services due to COVID-19. The location map is updated continuously with open and closed location information.

 Colorado Fingerprinting:

  • Check this map to find an open Colorado Fingerprinting Office near you. 
  • Marijuana Enforcement Division Service Code 9500MAJI (Please Note that You MUST choose “CBI CABS Fingerprinting” or MED will not receive your fingerprints)
  • Instructions for using Colorado Fingerprinting
  • You will receive a receipt which you must include in your application submission


  • Check this map to find an open  IdentoGo Office near you
  • Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Service Code:  Service Code - 25YGBJ 
  • Instructions for using IdentoGo
  • You will receive a receipt which you must include in your application submission