MED Responsible Vendor Training Program Provider Applicants

Applications are now available and may be submitted to  

Application Packet Submission:

Each application packet will be reviewed to ensure the application is complete prior to acceptance of the application packet and an interview appointment scheduled with the Program Coordinator.  For guidance regarding program requirements please see Regulation 1 CCR 212-1 M 408 (Medical Marijuana) and Regulation 1 CCR212-2 R 407 (Retail Marijuana) - both sets of regulation can be found on our "Laws and Regulations" webpage:​

  • If the application packet is complete it will be accepted for further review and an interview will be scheduled with the Program Coordinator in our Colorado Springs Office. 
  • If the application is incomplete it will be denied and you will be advised what additional information is necessary in order for the MED to accept your application packet.   When this information has been compiled, by the applicant, the application may be resubmitted.

Once the Application Packet has been Accepted:

During your interview, the Responsible Vendor Program Coordinator will review your application packet with you, collect any additional information needed and answer any questions you may have. Please bring a copy of your application packet with you to the interview.  

Once the interview has been concluded, MED staff will review the entire application packet to ensure that the proposed program has all of the components needed to meet all statute and MED regulation requirements. 

Additionally, the statute requires that each program curriculum must be reviewed and approved by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).   MED will forward a copy of the program curriculum to CDPHE for approval once the interview has been completed.

If the program proposal receives approval from both the MED and CDPHE (curriculum only), the applicant will receive an official notification letter that the program has been approved and the name of the provider will be included on the MED Responsible Vendor Program Provider List published the Division’s website.  

If the proposed program (including the curriculum) does not meet the standards set in statute and regulation it will be denied.  The application packet may be resubmitted once all necessary modifications have been made by the applicant. 

Responsible Vendor Program Provider Application
Please submit all Responsible Vendor Program Provider Applications to

MED Approved Responsible Vendor Training Providers