MED Occupational Licensing

The MED Occupational License allows the holder to work within MED licensed Medical and Retail Marijuana facilities or for vendors that provide services to MED Medical and Retail Marijuana business licensees.  There are two types of MED Occupational Licenses: 

  • Key Employee:  Necessary for employees that make operational or management decisions that directly impact the business.  An example of such an employee is a master grower that determines what or how much of a particular strain to produce or an individual whose decisions have a significant impact on the business and its operations, but es not have an ownership interest in the business. (Cost $250)
  • Support Employee: Necessary for employees that work within the business but do no makes operational decisions.  An example of such an employee would be a bud tender - the majority of occupational license holders are in this category. (Cost $75)
Both license types are good for two years from the date on which the license badge was issued.  
All applicants initially applying for an occupational license must come into a MED office to submit their application, have their fingerprints taken and pose for a photo that will be placed on their occupational license badge - if the applicant passes their background check and the application is approved, the badge will be mailed to their home address of record.