MED Licensing

License Types
Employees (Occupational)
Business Owner
Regulated Marijuana Business 
License Renewal 
Owner Renewal
Employee License Renewal
Regulated Marijuana Business
License Renewal
License Modifications
Change of Location
Change of Ownership 
Change of Trade Name 
Modification of Premises
MED Applications & Forms Page

Local Authorities that Allow Marijuana Businesses to Operate Within Their Jurisdiction - Please check with directly with the authority in question to ensure that they are currently accepting new business applications. 

  • Understanding HB19-1090: Publicly Licensed Marijuana Companies Webinar


Before You Apply, be aware that having a MED Owner or Employee License and working within the Colorado Regulated Marijuana Industry may have adverse Federal Immigration consequences.  

Guidance on When to Submit a Change of Ownership Application, 12/3/19

Payment Options: 

  • All MED Offices can now accept credit card payments-  users will be charged a $.75 + 2.25% of the amount of the charged service fee
  • All MED Offices can accept money orders
  • All MED Offices can accept checks -  no third-party or temporary checks can be accepted
  • Only the Lakewood Office can accept CASH payments, which must be made in exact change
  • Retail Marijuana BUSINESS  Applicants please note that Local Authority fees may only be paid with a check or money order   

MED Fee Schedule,  11/15/19