MED Licensed Facilities

MED Licensed Regulated Marijuana Businesses as of June 1, 2020

Medical Marijuana  Retail Marijuana 
Cultivations Cultivations
Delivery N/A
N/A Hospitality
Operators  Operators
Product Manufacturers Product Manufacturers
Research &Development Cultivation  N/A
Stores Stores
Testing Facilities Testing Facilities
Testing Facilities Certifications (updated 3/25/20) Testing Facilities Certifications (updated 3/25/20)
Transporters  Transporters

All lists are updated monthly, except the testing facilities which may be updated mid-month upon a facility receiving provisional certification for specified testing.  If you want to verify a person or business MED license status please visit our real-time MED Licensee Look-Up and Verification search tool which allows you to search by name, address or license number.