MED Licensed Facilities

MED Licensed Medical and Retail Marijuana Businesses as of March 1, 2018
Medical Marijuana Facilities  Retail Marijuana Establishments 
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Centers (Excel) Stores (Excel)
Cultivations (PDF) Cultivations (PDF)
Cultivations (Excel) Cultivations (Excel)
Infused Product Manufacturers (PDF) Operators (PDF)
Infused Product Manufacturers (Excel) Operators (Excel)
Operators (PDF) Product Manufacturers (PDF)
Operators (Excel) Product Manufacturers (Excel)
Testing Facilities (PDF) Testing Facilities (PDF)
Testing Facilities (Excel) Testing Facilities (Excel)
Transporters (PDF) Transporters (PDF)
Transporters (Excel) Transporters (Excel)

All lists are updated monthly, except the testing facilities which are updated upon a facility receiving provisional certification for specified testing.  If you want to verify a person or businesses MED license status please visit our real-time MED Licensee Look-Up and Verification search tool which allows you to search by name, address or license number. 

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