MED Applications and Forms

MED Applications :

Change of Controlling
Beneficial Owner

Court Appointee (4/22/19)
Delivery Permit  (12/6/19)

Employee License (2/21/20)

Employee Renewal 
Submission Checklist

Regulated Marijuana Business License

Regulated Marijuana  Business License

Off-Premises Storage Permit (1/31/20)

Owner Finding of Suitability:

Owner Renewal (CBO) (3/4/20)

Owner Entity Renewal (CBO) (5/15/20)

Plant Count Increase Request (5/29/19)
R & D Co-Location Permit  (2/3/20)
Report of Changes: used for Change
of Location or Trade Name
, as well as 
Modification of Premises.

(Revised 12/27/19)
Responsible Vendor Provider(1/30/19)
Transition Permit (12/17/19)

Exemptions to the Change of Owner
Application Requirement:

Licensed Physician Certification
Refund Request Form
Request for a Copy of  Documents
Submitted to MED by Applicants or
Security Waiver Request for Outdoor or 
Greenhouse Cultivation 

We are open for business but our offices are closed to the public until further notice

As state public health officials are calling for “social distancing,” consistent with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, the Marijuana Enforcement Division is adopting measures to minimize exposure between employees and also between employees and the public.

Before You Apply, be aware that having a MED Marijuana Business or Occupational License may have adverse Federal Immigration Consequences

Regulated Marijuana Employee Information

Regulated Marijuana Owner Information

Regulated Marijuana Business Information

Colorado Approved Third-Party Fingerprint Providers

Fee Schedule, 11/15/19

Payment Options:

  • Only the Lakewood Office can accept CASH payments, which must be made in exact change
  • All MED Offices can now accept credit card payments - users will be charged a service fee of $.75 + 2.25% of the amount charged to the card
  • All MED Offices can accept money orders
  • All MED Offices can accept checks