MED Applications and Forms

Applications :

Marijuana Finding of Suitability

Regulated Marijuana Owners Renewal 
Application (CBO)

Change of Ownership 
Court Appointee Application  (4/22/19)


Key or Support Employee
(Occupational License Application)

(Revised 5/23/19)

Occupational License Renewal
(Revised 3/28/19)

Regulated Marijuana Business License

Regulated Marijuana  Business License
Renewal Application 

Off-Premises Storage Facility
 (Revised 3/28/18)
Plant Count Increase Request Application
-Medical and Retail
R & D Co-Location Permit Addendum
Report of Changes: used for Change of
Location or Trade Name
, as well as 
Modification of Premises.
(Revised 5/2/19)
Responsible Vendor Provider
(Revised 1/30/19)
Audited Product Attestation of 
Compliance with Rules M/R 607(C),
607(G) and 607 (H)
Centralized Distribution Permit
Colo. Licensed Physicians Certification 
(Revised 11/20/15) 
Combined Use Form (Revised 1/25/19)
Licensed Physician Certification
Refund Request Form
Request for a Copy of  Documents
Submitted to MED by Applicants or
Request a Duplicate Badge or License
Security Waiver Request for Outdoor or 
Greenhouse Cultivation 
Testing Facility ISO/IEC 17025
Accreditation Temporary 
Exemption Request
Under 21 Prohibited Sales (1/25/19)

Before You Apply, be aware that having a MED Marijuana Business or Occupational License may have adverse Federal Immigration Consequences

Regulated Marijuana Employees Information

Regulated Marijuana Owner Information

Regulated Marijuana Business Information

Colorado Approved Third-Party Fingerprint Services 

 Fee Schedule, 8/2/19

Payment Options:

  • Only the Lakewood Office can accept CASH payments, which must be made in exact change
  • All MED Offices can now accept credit card payments - users will be charged a service fee of $.75 + 2.25% of the amount charged to the card
  • All MED Offices can accept money orders
  • All MED Offices can accept checks