Liquor Rules Review Process for 2014



2014 Liquor Rule Review Process

1.   The Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division (Division) is commencing the 2014 Rule Review process for all tobacco rules (1 C.C.R. 203-1) and liquor rules (1 C.C.R. 203-2). 

2.   The Division will post Suggested Rules Revision (form DR2477) on its website on August 4, 2014. You must use this form in order to have your rule suggestions reviewed by the Division. 

3.   Suggested Rules Revision form submissions will be due September 2, 2014. 

4.   As a part of the Department of Revenue’s Regulatory Review Agenda for 2014, the Division selected the following regulations for review: 

a.   47-312 – Change of Location 

b.   47-314 – Limited Liability Company 

c.   47-318 – Owner – Manager 

d.   47-320 – Signs and Interior Displays 

e.   47-322 – Unfair Trade Practices and Competition 

f.    47-323 – Lawful Extension of Credit 

g.   47-324 – Concurrent Application Review 

h.   47-326 – Distance Restriction – Applicability and Measurement 

i.    47- 400 – Licensed Breweries 

j.    47-402 – Confiscated Shipments 

k.   Other rules as identified by the LED 

5.   The Division will also consider changes or additions to the rules submitted by the Liquor Compliance Working Group. 

6.   The Division will review requested rule changes from paragraphs 3-5 and post proposed rule changes on its website by October 1, 2014. 

7.   The Division will host a public Rules Working Group meeting on the proposed rules at 9:00 a.m. on October 22, 2014. 

8.  The Rules Working Group will consist of: 

a.   Division executive staff 

b.   Three representatives of the retail on-premises industry sector 

c.   Three representatives of the retail off-premises industry sector 

d.   Three representatives of the wholesale industry sector 

e.   Three representatives of the manufacturer industry sector 

f.    At least one city or county clerk (preferably, one city clerk and one county clerk) 

g.   Two liquor attorneys 

9.   The Division will be responsible for selecting the Rules Working Group. Individuals interested in participating as a Rules Working Group member should email Sandra Lowman at and provide the following information: 

a.   Name and contact information. 

b.   Occupation, job title and employer. If you represent a specific group within the liquor industry, list the group as well. 

c.   A brief explanation of no more than 150 words providing your qualifications for inclusion on the Rules Working Group. 

10.  The Rules Working Group will be selected at least one week prior to the first meeting. 

11.  The Rules Working Group will cast non-binding votes on proposed rule changes. Minority objections to proposed rules may be documented by the minority and presented at rules hearing. 

12.  During the Rules Working Group meeting, the public will be allowed to provide input and participate in discussion.

13.  Formal Rule Hearing is set for Wednesday, December 3, 2014 at 1881 Pierce Street – Room 110, Lakewood, Colorado 80214 starting at 1:00pm and concluding before 5:00pm. 


DR 2477 - Suggested Revision to Rules & Regulations