Liquor Forms By Title

Additional Liquor-Licensed Drugstore Application (DR 8001)   Updated 11/13/2018

Affidavit - Restrictions on Public Benefits (DR 4679)

Affidavit for Surrender of State Liquor License

Alternating Proprietor Licensed Premises Application (DR 8370)  Updated 7/31/2018

Annual Product Certification (Limited Winery) (DR 4639) Updated 9/27/2018

Art Gallery Permit Application (DR 8443) Updated 10/9/2018

Bed & Breakfast Permit Application (DR 8447)  Updated 9/24/2018

Change of Mailing Address/Name Notification (DR 8009)

Colorado Manager Permit Application for Liquor-Licensed Drugstores (LLDS) (DR 8000)    Updated 11/15/2018

Entertainment District Reporting (DR 8482)

Fermented Malt Beverage (3.2% Beer) License Application (DR 8403)  Updated 11/15/2018

Individual History Record (DR 8404-I) 

Limited Winery Wine Festival Permit Application (DR 8506)

Liquor & Beer Export Sales Report (DR 0443)

Liquor Retail License Application (DR 8404)  Updated 11/15/2018

Liquor Sales Room Application (DR 8057)  Updated 3/24/2017   LED BULLETIN 14-02 | MANUFACTURER SALES ROOM GUIDELINES

Manufacturer Production Report for Alternating Proprietor Licensed Premises  (DR 0447)

Monthly Report of Excise Tax for Alcohol Beverages (DR 0442)

Monthly Report of Excise Tax for Winery - Shipper Permittees (DR 0448)

Permit Application and Report of Changes (DR 8442) (Manager Registration - Modifications - Storage Permits etc.)  Updated 9/27/2018

Personal Excise Tax Return for Alcohol Beverages (DR 0449)

Public Transportation, Wholesale, Manufacturer, Importer License Application  (DR 8409)  Updated 11/15/2018

Retail Liquor or 3.2 License Renewal Application (DR 8400)  Updated 9/25/2018

Report of Changes Corporation, Limited Liability Company and Partnership (DR 8177)  Updated 11/15/2018

Retail Liquor or 3.2 Beer License Reissue Application (DR 8407)   Updated 9/27/2018

Special Event Permit (DR 8439)  Updated 9/28/2018

State-Only Liquor or 3.2 Beer License Reissue Application (DR 8408)   Updated 7/31/2018

State-Only Liquor or 3.2 Beer License Renewal Application (DR 8401) (Suppliers)  Updated 7/31/2018

Suggested Revision to Rules and Regulations ( DR 2477)

Wine Packaging Permit (DR 8008)

Winery Direct Shipper's Permit Application (DR 8475)  Updated 3/8/2018

Winery Surcharge Worksheet (DR 0450)

Wholesaler Affidavit of Compliance (DR 8004)   Updated 9/28/2018

Wholesaler's Report of Liquor and Beer Purchases (DR 0445)


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