Liquor Forms By Number

DR 0442Monthly Report of Excise Tax for Alcohol Beverages Updated 4/11/19

DR 0443Liquor & Beer Export Sales Report Updated 4/11/19

DR 0445Wholesaler's Report of Liquor and Beer Purchases Updated 4/11/19

DR 0447Manufacturer Production Report for Alternating Proprietor Licensed Premises Updated 4/11/19

DR 0448 - Monthly Report of Excise Tax for Winery - Shipper Permittees Updated 4/11/19

DR 0449Personal Excise Tax Return for Alcohol Beverages Updated 4/11/19

DR 0450Winery Surcharge Worksheet Updated 4/11/19

DR 2477 - Suggested Revision to Rules and Regulations

DR 4639 - Annual Product Certification (Limited Winery) Updated 6/7/19

DR 4679 -  Affidavit - Restrictions on Public Benefits

DR 8000- Manager Permit Application Instructions Updated 6/11//2019

DR 8001 - Additional Liquor-Licensed Drugstore Application  Updated 10/2/2019 

DR 8004 - Wholesaler Affidavit of Compliance Updated 9/28/2018

DR 8008 - Wine Packaging Permit Updated 6/7/2019

DR 8009Change of Mailing Address/Name Notification Updated 6/7/2019

DR 8057Liquor Sales Room Application Updated 6/7/2019  LED BULLETIN 14-02 | MANUFACTURER SALES ROOM GUIDELINES

DR 8177Report of Changes Corporation, Limited Liability Company and Partnership  Updated 6/11/2019

DR 8370Alternating Proprietor Licensed Premises Application  Updated 6/7/19

DR 8400Retail Liquor or Fermented Malt Beverage License Renewal Application  Updated 8/5/2019

DR 8401 - State-Only Liquor or Fermented Malt Beverage License Renewal Application (Suppliers)  Updated 8/5/2019

DR 8403Colorado Fermented Malt Beverage License Application  Updated 10/1/2019

DR 8404 - Liquor Retail License Application  Updated 10/1/2019

DR 8404-IIndividual History Record  Updated 3/22/2019

DR 8407 - Retail Liquor or Fermented Malt Beverage License Reissue Application    Updated 8/5/2019

DR 8408 - State-Only Liquor or Fermented Malt Beverage License Reissue Application Updated 8/5/2019

DR 8409Public Transportation, Wholesale, Manufacturer, Importer License Application  Updated 10/1/2019

DR 8439Special Event Permit  Updated 10/1/2019

DR 8442Permit Application and Report of Changes (Manager Registration - Modifications - Storage Permits etc.)  Updated 4/4/2019

DR 8443Art Gallery Permit Application Updated 10/9/2018

DR 8447 - Bed & Breakfast Permit Application   Updated 10/1/2019

DR 8475 - Winery Direct Shipper's Permit Application  Updated 6/11/2019

DR 8482 - Entertainment District Reporting

DR 8495 - Tax Check Authorization, Waiver, and Request to Release Information

DR 8506Limited Winery Wine Festival Permit Application



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