Liquor & Beer Code Violation Hearing Report

Section 12-47-601(8) CRS requires that by January 15th of each year, the Liquor Enforcement Division report to the legislature all enforcement actions taken by the state and local licensing authorities during the previous year which resulted in the imposition of fines, suspensions or revocations.  This section requires local licensing authorities to report their actions to the State in a timely manner as required by the state licensing authority.
If there were no enforcement actions taken, notification is not necessary.   Please do not send meeting minutes or spreadsheets in lieu of the reporting form.  
Effective April 1, 2016, all sanctions must be reported through this online system.  

Liquor & Beer Code Violation Hearing Report Form

2015 Report of Enforcement Violations
2014 Report of Enforcement Violations
2013 Report of Enforcement Violations
2012 Report of Enforcement Violations
2011 Report of Enforcement Violations
2010 Report of Enforcement Violations