Licensing Information and Forms

Licensing Publications and Forms

Support Occupational License (owner, trainer, jockey)           

Occupational Registration (groom, pony person)                          

Key Occupational License   (judge, steward, veterinarian)

Major and Minor Business Licenses                                  

General Licensing Forms   (Greyhound fund, ADWs)

Duplicate Badge Form


CRC rulebook

Colorado Revised Statutes--Title 44

Annual Reports

ARCI Model Rules

Therapeutic Medication Withdrawal Times List

Uniform Classification Guidelines for Foreign Substances and Recommended Penalties


Trainer's Test Study Guide

Jockey Physical Form

*Licensing is conducted year-round in the 1707 Cole Blvd. Office by appointment only 303-866-6743. During the race meet, licensing is performed at Arapahoe Park.*