Gaming Licensing

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 In-Person Services Available Requiring an Appointment (New Applications Only)
  • All NEW Applications (SB and Gaming), including Business Licenses and all person licenses and APs
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The Division of Gaming and the Limited Gaming Control Commission issue six types of casino gaming licenses for individuals and businesses that meet our licensing requirements. The Divison of Gaming and Commission also issues, separately, licenses to conduct sports betting in Colorado.

Online Licensing Services Available:

Limited Gaming License types:

  • Key Employee — Persons who have the responsibility of making management or policy decisions in a gaming establishment.
  • Support Employee — Persons such as dealers and cashiers, including anyone employed in the field of limited gaming.
  • Associated Equipment Supplier — Persons who import, manufacture, or distribute associated equipment in Colorado, or who otherwise act as an associated equipment supplier.
  • Manufacturer/Distributor — Companies that manufacture or serve as a distributor for approved slot machines and component parts.
  • Retailer — Persons permitting or conducting limited gaming on their premises.
  • Operator — Persons permitting slot machines on their premises or persons, such as slot machine routers, who place and operate slot machines on the premises of a retailer.