Pit Supervision requirements from ICMP:

This form must be completed in its entirety prior to submission for consideration.  If you have questions about this form contact Table Games Chairman Brad Nelson at bradley.nelson@state.co.us.

Licensees offering table games must submit to the Division’s Table Games Committee Chair a written pit supervision plan which details how adequate supervision is going to be achieved.  Written approval must be received from the Division prior to offering any table games for play.  A copy of the approved plan must be maintained in the pit area.  The detailed plan must address how the casino is going to:
  • Provide and maintain adequate supervision of the table games pit at all times;
  • Ensure that one or more licensed employees are knowledgeable in the games supervised and the regulatory requirements of such games, and are able to adequately monitor ALL tables;
  • Ensure that a pit supervisor is in the pit at all times when tables are open for play;
  • Provide coverage in the event of an emergency that affects the pit supervisor(s) or dealer(s) including temporary relief for emergency purposes.   Note:  at no time may a dealer relieve a pit supervisor unless the dealer assumes the duties of the pit supervisor for the remainder of the shift.  In the event that a dealer relieves a pit supervisor, that dealer is automatically ineligible to participate in the distribution of tips for the remainder of the shift; and  
  • Ensure the pit area is restricted to the gaming employees of the pit for pit area duties and requirements.

The Colorado Division of Gaming reserves the right to revoke or amend this supervision plan at any time.