Fingerprint Requirements on New Applications

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In 2017, the Colorado legislature passed a law requiring the submission of fingerprints with applications for licenses. This requirement does not pertain to license renewal applications.

Effective March 1, 2018, an application will not be accepted for processing unless the fingerprinting requirement has been met.

Verification of Fingerprints

  • Provide a receipt or confirmation from a 3rd party vendor


Fingerprints may be obtained from one of the entities below:

1. Colorado Background Applicant Services (CABS)

Get fingerprinted through one of the CABS approved vendors listed below. Locate a center near you, schedule an appointment, and visit the center to obtain fingerprints. Learn more at:

IdentoGo by IDEMIA

  • Motor Vehicle Dealer licenses - Use Service Code: 25YGF1


  • Powersports Vehicle Dealer licenses - Use Service Code: 25YGGG


  • Submit proof of payment confirmation/receipt to the Auto Industry Division.

Colorado Fingerprinting by American BioIdentity

For online registration visit:

  • Motor Vehicle Dealer licenses - Use CBI Unique ID: 5902MVDI

  • Powersports Vehicle Dealer licenses - Use CBI Unique ID: 5902PVDI

  • Submit proof of payment confirmation/receipt to the Auto Industry Division.

3. Auto Industry Division

4.. Law Enforcement Agency Outside the United States

If you are unable to obtain fingerprints in the United States, you may be able to complete the fingerprint  requirement  at a law enforcement agency in a foreign country.   Not all countries and not all agencies in those countries are necessarily equipped to do fingerprints or willing to do fingerprints for the purposes of a license with an agency in the United States.  Provided you are able to use the services of a cooperative foreign governmental agency, complete the following steps:

  • Ensure that you obtain two (2) fingerprint cards that are completely filled out and signed.  Each card must bear separately-captured fingerprints.  Each card must be submitted with the application.
  • Alternatively, you can ensure that the fingerprints are scanned by the CABS program at, if that is available.
  • Submit a proof of payment receipt with the application
  • You must also submit the completed Verification of Fingerprints form (DR 2197) with the application.