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Change of Entity applications are governed by the following Laws & Regulations. 

Statutes in general related to the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board can be found by looking for Title 44, Article 20, Lexis Nexis

Regulations in general related to the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board can be found here:


  • C.R.S. 44-20-104 (3)(h) – Application Requirements
  • 44-20-104 (3) (h)(14) – Application Requirements, Regulation
  • C.R.S. 44-20-105 (1) (d)
  • 44-20-105 (1)(d), Regulation
  • 44-20-405 (1)(d) (2), Regulation

The required forms can be found on this website. Click on the links below:

  • Dealer/Wholesaler Application Packet Forms
  • Powersports Dealer/Wholesaler Application Packet Forms
  • Anytime an existing Dealer changes from one form of operating entity to another, a new application must be completed with all the required forms, financial information and fee.  A new bond is also required for the new entity. The new application must meet the current Dealer Board guidelines for financial fitness and background.
  • An operating entity refers to the business type: individual, partnership, LLC or corporation.
  • Partnerships:  If you are adding or deleting a partner or partners, this action dissolves the "original" partnership and forms a "new" partnership.
  • Failure to complete all sections of the application may result in a rejection or delay in processing.
Examples of Entity Changes are:
  • Individual changing to a partnership
  • Individual changing to a corporation
  • Individual changing to a Limited Liability corporation
  • Partnership changing to corporation
  • Partnership changing to Limited Liability Company
  • Partnership adding or deleting a partner or partners 
  • Limited Liability Company changing to an individual
  • Limited Liability Company changing to a partnership
  • Limited Liability Company changing to a corporation
  • Corporation changing to an individual
  • Corporation changing to a partnership
  • Corporation changing to a Limited Liability company
*Note these forms can also be found in the “Forms and Publications” section of this website. See section titled: Dealer/Wholesaler Application Packet Forms


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