Entity Change - Auto Industry Division

Change of Entity applications are governed by the following Laws & Regulations.  Follow this link for more details.
  • C.R.S. 12-6-104 (3) (g) – Application Requirements
  • 12-6-104 (3) (g) (14)– Application Requirements, Regulation
  • C.R.S. 12-6-105 (1) (e)
  • 12-6-105 (1) (e), Regulation
  • 12-6-505 (1) (g) (2), Regulation
The required forms can be found on this website. Click on the links below:
  • Dealer/Wholesaler Application Packet Forms
  • Powersports Dealer/Wholesaler Application Packet Forms
  • Anytime an existing Dealer changes from one form of operating entity to another, a new application must be completed with all the required forms, financial information and fee.  A new bond is also required for the new entity. The new application must meet the current Dealer Board guidelines for financial fitness and background.
  • An operating entity refers to the business type: individual, partnership, LLC or corporation.
  • Partnerships:  If you are adding or deleting a partner or partners, this action dissolves the "original" partnership and forms a "new" partnership.
  • Failure to complete all sections of the application may result in a rejection or delay in processing.
Examples of Entity Changes are:
  • Individual changing to a partnership
  • Individual changing to a corporation
  • Individual changing to a Limited Liability corporation.
  • Partnership changing to corporation
  • Partnership changing to Limited Liability Company
  • Partnership adding or deleting a partner or partners 
  • Limited Liability Company changing to an individual.
  • Limited Liability Company changing to a partnership
  • Limited Liability Company changing to a corporation
  • Corporation changing to an individual.
  • Corporation changing to a partnership.
  • Corporation changing to a Limited Liability company
*Note these forms can also be found in the “Forms and Publications” section of this website. See section titled: Dealer/Wholesaler Application Packet Forms
 See current fiscal year Fee Schedule
 Checks should be made to: Colorado Department of Revenue
If you have additional questions, call our main number: 303-205-5604 or e-mail your question to: dor_dealers@state.co.us