Change of Location - Auto Industry Division


Change of location applications are governed by the following Laws & Regulations. 

Statutes in general related to the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board can be found by looking for Title 44, Article 20, Lexis Nexis

Regulations in general related to the Motor Vehicle Dealer Board can be found here:

  • C.R.S. 44-20-102 (22) - Definition
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  • C.R.S. 44-20-119 (1) - Notice of Change of Address
  • C.R.S. 44-20-418 (1) - Notice of Change of Address
  • C.R.S. 44-20-104 (3)(j) - Signage Requirements
  • Regulation 44-20-104 (3)(j) - Signage Requirements
  • C.R.S. 44-20-404 (1)(j) - Signage Requirements
  • Regulation 44-20-404 (1)(j)- Signage Requirements
  • C.R.S. 44-20-104 (3)(h) - Application Requirements
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  • C.R.S. 44-20-120 - Principle Place of Business Requirements
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  • Regulation 44-20-419 (1) - Principle Place of Business

DR 2003 – Application for Change of Location

  • REMINDER: You may not operate at the new location until you receive your Change of Location license from the Auto Industry Division.
  • A Dealer shall immediately notify the board of a change of location.
  • New/Used Dealers - Attach a copy of the Bond Rider.
  • The Motor Vehicle Board requires an application and fee for any location change to be submitted prior to actual date of the location change.
  • You must ensure that that the new location of your dealership complies with all local zoning requirements.
  • If approved, the additional location license will be mailed to the primary place of business for verification of the information on the license. If correct, the Dealer should forward it to the additional location for conspicuous posting as required by law.
  • The form must be signed by an: Owner, Partner, LLC Member/Manager, or Corporate Officer (president, vice president, secretary or treasurer). The title of the person signing the form must be provided and form must be dated
  • Wholesalers: All wholesalers must have a place of business or business address which place or address must contain an office wherein the wholesaler shall keep business books and other records.
  • Failure to complete all sections of the application may result in a rejection or delay in processing.


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