Buyer Agent License Renewal - Auto Industry Division

License renewals cannot be obtained on line.  The AID office will send out all renewals via U.S. mail.

The AID office is required by law to mail renewal packets to the primary business/mailing address of record, 30 days prior to their license expiration date.

All of the checklist items listed at the bottom of the Buyer Agent Renewal Application form must be completed AND returned with your renewal application form.

Once You Receive the Renewal Packet Submit:

  • Buyer Agent Renewal Application form..  Review the application and ensure that you have answered all questions.  You must complete questions 1-3.
  • $5,000 Surety Bond or Continuation Certificate (DR 2803A) - A photocopy may be submitted.
  • Complete all steps in the "Buyer Agent Renewal Application Checklist " section of the Buyer Agent Renewal Application form.
  •  Affidavit - Restrictions on Benefits (DR 4679) - For lawful presence in the U.S. Not required for Corporations, LLC or LLP.
  • Submit required fee.  See Fee Schedule.
  • PLEASE DO NOT STAPLE PAGES - Instead, write your name or license number at the top of each page.