Business License Application Process - Retail Marijuana

Each owner must meet all of the statutory requirements for license eligibility. Failure to meet any one of these statutory requirements will require that the application is denied regardless of eligibility on the other requirements: if you have not done so already, please review these requirements.

The MED will only accept Retail Marijuana business license applications if the local authority, in which the business is located, has advised the MED that they are currently accepting applications for the type of Medical Marijuana business allowed - local authorities currently accepting marijuana business license applications.

To begin the MED Retail Marijuana Business License Application Process: 

  • Download a copy of the Retail Marijuana Business License Application. Complete it in its entirety and gather any necessary supporting documentation, note that portions of this document must be signed and notarized prior to your appointment. (Two complete copies must be submitted at the time of application.)

  • Each owner must also submit a complete Associated Key Person Application Form; the form must be completed in its entirety and all necessary supporting documents must accompany the application upon submission. Note that individuals that already hold an Associated Key Person License do not need to submit this document.

  • There is no provision in the Retail Marijuana rules for zero percent (0%) ownership of a Colorado marijuana business.   New applications including 0% owners will not be accepted.  Any current ownership structure that includes 0% owners will be required to remove the 0% owners from the ownership structure or allocate them a minimum ownership percentage. 

  • Please be careful to ensure that each owner on the application has submitted a copy of each page of the application that requires a notarized signature. 

  • Once your application packet is complete and you have collected all necessary documentation, email the MED at and request an appointment to come into our office at 1707 Cole Blvd., Suite 300, Lakewood, CO 80401 to meet with a backgrounds investigator and submit your application.

On the Day of your Appointment

  • All owners must be present, all forms must be complete and include all necessary supporting documentation and all application and licensing fees must be paid.

  •  It is required that you arrive for your appointment with signed documents that have already been notarized. 

  • Two complete copies of the application packet - one original and one copy - must be submitted at the time of application. 

  • If your application is deemed complete: each Associated Key Person applicant will be fingerprinted and applicants will be expected to pay both the application and licensing fees.  
  • If your application is deemed incomplete: you will be provided with a list of information needed to complete your application.  Once you have completed and collected all necessary information you will be able to schedule an appointment at a later date.

Local Authority Licensing:
Before your business may begin operation, you must also obtain a license from the Local Authority within whose jurisdiction you intend to operate.

State Tax Licensing: 
Applicants must also apply for the State tax license appropriate for the type of business they plan to operate.  In order to get more information regarding the necessary tax license, visit the Marijuana Tax Account/License webpage. 

All fees paid in cash MUST be made in exact change.

Please note that this information is solely for the purpose of obtaining a State MED Retail Marijuana Business License.